Dental Care

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Dr. Arunima Chandra
BDS, MCP-Endo(AAE/DACE) Dentist, Dental Surgeon, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist

Dr. Arunima Chandra says "I have completed my BDS from Kothiwal Dental College and have done Master Clinician Programme in Advance Endodontics and Fixed Prosthodontics from AAE Bangalore / DACE USA. I have worked in private clinic and before starting my setup with Oyster Dental Clinic I was working with Apollo White Dental in Whitefield and Kundanahalli region. I have attented several seminars and conferences of FDI & IDA in order to keep myself updated with latest dental technology and advanced dental treatments."

You probably have a busy schedule and find it difficult to fit another appointment in to your hectic day. Please remember that your dentist play a major role in maintaining your overall dental health. Keeping those regular six month visit is important in keeping your teeth and gums in tip top shape.

Dental Care:

Basic to Advanced Dental treatment

Scaling, Restoration, Esthetic Restoration, Extraction, Root Canal Treatment and Crown, Veneers and Laminates, Bleaching, Orthodontic Treatment, Implants, Periodontal Problems, Child Dental Care, Surgical Procedure, Smile Designing, etc.,

You would have probably heard the saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Visiting your dentist twice a year will help make your teeth healthy, but can also save you money and time in the long run.


  • Replacement of missing tooth
  • Oral surgical procedures like removal of impacted molars( problematic wisdom tooth)
  • Kids oral health prevention and treatment ( maintaining healthy milk tooth is important for eruption of healthy aligned permanent tooth)
  • Maintain healthy gums for long lasting strong teeth and beautiful smile.
  • Root canal treatment for grossly decayed tooth or intentional rootcanal treatment
  • Capping/ crown is must after a root canal treatment to give strength to your dead tooth ( metal, metal ceramic, zirconia crowns)
  • Complete dentures and removable partial dentures
  • Orthodontic treatment (metal, ceramic, lingual, aligners etc)
  • Implants
  • Scaling ( regular cleaning to deep cleaning)
  • Tooth coloured esthetic restoration for anterior and posterior teeth
  • Veneers and laminates for anterior teeth to make your smile more beautiful
  • Other basic to advance dental treatments.