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Women’s care

Oyster Multispeciality Clinic

Service we offer in Oyster Clinic

Pre-pregnancy Counselling

It is highly recommended to the couple who are planning to become parents. It includes proper checkup of physical condition and extending guidance to deal with pre-existing medical conditions.

Obstetric care

It is the health care service extended to Pregnant women, Baby to be born and the family throughout the Pregnancy period, during Labour, Child Birth and even up to 6 weeks after Child Birth.

High risk Pregnancy care

When the Pregnant women and or Unborn Baby is at risk due to Preexisting medical disorder like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorder or Heart disease a Multidisciplinary care is extended.

Adolescent Clinic

Building a Healthy & Constructive relationship with a Gynecologist allows a Girl to be more comfortable in clearing her doubts about Menstruation, Sexuality to mention a few.


It is a clinical condition affecting hormone levels in women leading to irregular menstruation and subfertility. It can also cause other Health issues like Diabetes and Heart disease.

Menopause Clinic

Menopause is the phase in life of women between 45 – 60 years where the Empty Nest Syndrome sets in. Menopause Clinic is a special Clinic to help the Woman understand the effects and techniques to deal with this stage.

Wet woman Clinic

Many Women having Urinary incontinence are offered options of medicine or surgery to deal with it.

Preventive Health Care

Screening at the right time, is the key to protect the health by early detection of a disease even when the person is asymptomatic.

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