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Wet woman Clinic


Many Women having Urinary incontinence are offered options of medicine or surgery to deal with it.

Wet Woman Clinic in Whitefield

Wet Woman Clinic in Whitefield

Urinary incontinence is a common condition that affects many women, especially as they get older. It occurs when the muscles that control the bladder are weakened or damaged, causing urine to leak involuntarily. 

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There are several treatment options available for urinary incontinence, including:
  1. Medications: Certain medications can be prescribed to treat urge incontinence, which is when you have a sudden urge to urinate and can’t hold it. These medications work by relaxing the bladder muscles, reducing the urge to urinate.

  2. Behavioral therapies: Behavioral therapies, such as pelvic floor exercises or bladder training, can help strengthen the muscles that control the bladder and improve bladder control.

  3. Medical devices: Some medical devices, such as urethral inserts or pessaries, can be used to support the bladder and prevent leakage.

  4. Surgery: In some cases, surgery may be recommended to correct structural issues in the bladder or urinary tract, or to implant a device that can help control the bladder.

The treatment option that is recommended will depend on the severity of the condition, the underlying cause, and the individual needs and preferences of the patient. It’s important to speak with a healthcare provider to discuss the best treatment plan for you.

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Abshek raj
Abshek raj
I visited oyster clinic for neck pain radiating to my shoulder, hand and was referred to the physiotherapy department for pain management and recovery. Dr. Lipsa, the attending physiotherapist, after reviewing my case and listening to my issues, quickly understood and explained her approach. I had 5 sessions + 1 follow up and I felt the difference right after the first 2 sessions. She also makes sure there is progress at regular intervals and adjusts therapy pragmatically. In addition to therapy she prescribed a few simple exercises and lifestyle adjustments to prevent future cases. She was quite helpful with all queries I had. Overall I was happy I was under the care of Dr. Lipsa and confidently refer anyone looking for an effective and highly professional physiotherapist.
Dharini Prasad
Dharini Prasad
A wonderful setup with excellent doctors. The minor OT is equipped to handle small procedures. Overall very reassuring; I do not hesitate to take family there.
Ramya Shetty
Ramya Shetty
I know Dr.Dharani madam since 2013. She is very good at treating patients. She listen to all of our queries and explain in details. Big plus point is that , Dr. has her scanning equipment and during scanning she spend enough time at each patient. She never leave in between if scanning details are not clear. Attempt multiple times. I personally recommend Dr.Dharani madam.
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